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woodblock print "Women Returning from Cherry-blossom Viewing " by Utagawa kunisada ou toyokuni III



This woodblock print represent a women in kimono carrying her bento which came back from a "hanami" 花見 , "watching flowers " and we can seee cherry-blossom in the back .

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Utagawa Kunisada (, 1786- January 12, 1865) also known as Utagawa Toyokuni III (三代) is one of the most popular ukiyoe painters of the 19th century and also one of the most prolific and having most successful financially, ahead of Kuniyoshi and Hiroshige . Utagawa Kunisada was born in Edo in 1786. His father, who died the following year, was an amateur poet of little reputation. He was accepted around 1800 as an apprentice by one of the greatest masters of drawing on wooden boards, Toyokuni. He began by making prints of actors, Bijin-ga, sumo-e, landscapes and warriors. He also produces a large number of shunga (erotic engravings). He is said to have produced more than 20,000 prints. In 1844-1845, Kunisada Utagawa changed his artist name, taking the name of his master, Toyokuni, and thus became Toyokuni III. He died in Edo after having trained several students such as Toyohara Kunichika and Utagawa Kunisada II .

height37,7 cm
width26,2 cm
eraedo period 1603-1867
signatureUtagawa Toyokuni ga
publisher Yamaguchiya Tôbei (Kinkôdô)

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