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This woman represents the period of Genroku 元禄 (1688-1704). This print is part of a series of prints representing Japanese women through the Japanese eras. Below it is shown samurai and banners with kamons symbolizing a clan. 

Chikanobu Toyohora 豊原周延 (1838-1912), his artist name is also 楊洲周延: Yōshū Chikanobu. He is of the samurai caste and he fought alongside the loyalists with the shogun. After the reissue of the shogun he decided to become an artist in his youth he learned the school of Kano .Chikanobu is recognized as a master of bijinga, images of beautiful women, and for his illustrations of changes in female fashions, both in traditional clothing and in Western clothing. Her work illustrates changes in hairstyle and makeup over time. He also painted warlike prints


height37,3 cm
width25 cm

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