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jingasa with two red laquer dragons



A wooden jingasa covered with brown lacquer and golden lacuer circle on the top and the inside is the two red laquer dragons .

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A wooden jingasa strong and heavier  ; on it s upper part it s a brownish laquer with a golden laquer circle representing some small damage on the upper part .

The inner part represente two red dragons front of each others on the same brownish lauquer than the upper part . There a head protection in dark cotton bound by a blue silk cord .

the dragon is one of the emblematic representation in japanese art  .He is originally from China deriving from Nagas hindus (giant snake ) , he draws from Taoism the principle of ying and yang (feminine-masculine) . It is associated with the element of water both the rain, the rivers and the oceans also controlling all beings with scales (fish and reptilians)it is also credited with magical powers: the power of invisibility, to take any shape, to shrink or grow according to one's will, and to see it in its entirety leads to death because of its divine nature (That's why it is not represented in fully, always in half or covered with clouds).Under the influence of Buddhism, it is attributed spirituality and wisdom, it becomes the protector of the gods and the symbol of the transcendence of life and the state of perpetual change and evolution .His appearance is most singular, he is deaf, a camel's head, deer's horns, hare's eyes, the ears of a bull, the neck of a snake, the scales of a carp, the legs of a tiger and the claws of an eagle. He got two long bristles close to the mouth , his breath turns into a cloud with lightning .He loves to eat sparrows and swallows but he is frightened by centipedes and the silk dyed in five colors so the metal is fatal to him.There are many different dragons with wings, kings and queens. They come down from the sky in the spring and up the rivers in autumn.The dragon is associated with the spring season and his ability to bring water from earth to sky .                       

width31 cm
depth6 cm
materialswood , laquer
eraedo period 1603-1867

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