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An iron samurai helmet from Edo period .

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This helmet is from the Edo era, it is a akodanarikabuto ( a squash-shaped helmetand is made of eighteen metal blades .It is covered with black lacquer and gold on the side ornaments ( wakidate) .

The maetate is like a horn with a circle that are made of copper and brass and connected through black lacquer . The inside of this helmet is removed maybe to look for a signature ,but there is no signature  . The back is three iron plates (shikoro) connected by a brown rope of hemp that is old and worn.

There is the possibility to restore the ropes or even the interior but it will incur an additional cost, so please contact us if you would be interested.

height26 cm
width25 cm
weight1,906 kg
length29 cm
materialsIron , laquer and hemp
eraedo period 1603-1867

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