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A copper fuch/kashira representing  falcons, unsigned.

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320,83 €

A kashira fuchi from the Edo period for a katana .

Technic : Granulated bottom (nanako ji ) , high relief carving (takaniku bori) with gold and silver gilding .

Representation : They are hawks who are represented, they are birds for the practice of falconryThe falcon is one of the three symbols of Japan with eggplant and fuji mountain and the dream of one of the three on the first day of the year brings luck. The hawk is a symbol of power, nobility and being an excellent hunter or warrior.It becomes a symbol of samurai in clan symbols and its symbolic. Falconry was introduced at the time of Kamakura, it was used by the warlords and the nobility. In the Edo period, the Tokugawa shogun issued laws for falconry (land of falconry, prohibition of killing of game by peasants, only by samurai)

This fuchi / kashira will be sold in a magnolia box.

width2,2 cm and 1,7 cm
depth1,2 cm and 0,6 cm
weight16,21 g and 10,96 g
length3,7 cm and 3,3 cm
materialssentoku ( variety of brass mainly composed of copper)
eraedo period 1603-1867
signatureNo signature

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