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a fuchi / kashira for the handle of the katana with copper tigers ,unsigned .

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A fuchi and kashira for copper katana without signature.

Technic : granulated bottom ( nanako ji ) and high relief carving ( takaniku bori ) and gold gilding.

Representation  : The tiger is not indigenous to Japan, it was imported by China through Buddhism .It would have powers on the wind, because of these roars, it  would be the incarnation  of the thunder. It is the lord of all animals that have four legs and he wears on his forehead "王" which means king.

It was quickly adopted by the warrior castes because of his symbolism of strength, courage and nobility. Possession of an amulet or tiger symbol is said to bring strength, to ward off bad luck and to discourage demons.

In this tsuba, the tiger is represented with bamboo .Bamboo is said not to withstand the wind and represented an impenetrable wild world of sin so to be able to enter a bamboo forest, one must be animated by the "strength of the tiger", this strength and courage that any warrior must possess.

This fuchi / kashira is sold with a magnolia box .

width1,9 cm
depth1,1 cm
weight23,43 g
materialsCopper and gold
eraedo period 1603-1867

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