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woodblock print "actor making new year visit" from yoshikatsu utagawa (歌川 芳勝)



Woodblock print representing a kabuki actor with his apprentice , there is a poem on the top .

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This woodblock represent a kabuki actor samurai and his young apprentice .

The poem on the top can be understand as :

年の初め乃 (beggining of the year  )/toshi no hajime no

言の葉ろ(leave of words )/kot no ha ni

花を栄える(prosperious flowers)/hana o sakaeru

千金化春 (fortune for this new year  )/senkin no haru.

Yoshikatsu Utagawa 歌川 芳勝 , date of birth and death are unkown  ,he was a student of  Kuniyoshi Utagawa. His real family name is  Ishiwatari and his nickname is Shosuke or Yusuke.. He was before a Soja sauce seller for the shogunat , but he lost his job and start to work with kuniyoshi sensei i. His period of works was between koka 弘化 and  Ansei 安政 (1845-1859).

height37 cm
width25,3 cm
eraedo period 1603-1867
signatureyoshikatsu utagawa 歌川 芳勝

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