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mangyo gongen 満行権現 temple's kakemono don the haruna mountain haruna 榛名山 in Gunna prefecture .

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This kakemono is a representation of the mangyo gongen temple as a place of search for enlightenment and asceticism. He represents an ascetic with the face of king of tengu in a cave. Above him, there are Fudo Myoo, Bishamonten and Jizo Shogun (he takes the wounds of the fighters in their place), the written kanji are the names of the gods of Shintoism of the temple or the most important of the Japan.

The Shinto gods of the temple are Haniyasu ( 安神), god of the earth, Kuninotokotachi ( ) primordial god who is the first to come out of the chaos, Onamuchi ( ).

This kakemono is a powerful object for those who seek enlightenment through the warrior and ascetic arts.

It has some stains and marks of wear, it must be a print on wood on paper.

height113 cm
width31 cm
materialspaper , ink and wood

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