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"Stories of A Hundred Heroes of High Renown" minamoto no Yoshyie from Kuniyoshi Utagawa



Minamoto no Yoshi-ie (源義家), bareheaded in court robes, holding a bow and fan looking at an arrow stuck in the ground

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Minamoto no Yoshi-ie (源義的), born in 1042 and die the 4th august 1106 , was the son of Yoritoshi . according to legend , his father dreamt that the god of war Hachiman , presented him with a sword , and a short while after his wife gave birth to a son . This led the father to interpret his dream as a promise of greatness for the boy , who was then named Hachimantaro “ the young Hachiman” .

Yoshiiye’s name-changing festivity took place at the temple Iwashimizu Hachimangu , near Kyoto, and he still the object of a peculiar veneration in that temple when he was 7 years old .

Yoshiye is the hero of many adventures durant Heian period , some of which are also attributed to his father . He was a strong archer , and capable of speeding a shaft through three suits of armour . his bow is said to have opened a spring in the rock during the nine years war and in 1096 , when his father was very sick , he cured him by frightening away , with three twangs of his bowstrings , the oni , cause of his illness .

He seen has a pionner to bring the warrior cast at the power and the shogunat which take the power on the noble and the emperor .

Kuniyoshi utagawa paint him with a bow as his legendary skills he got .

Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1861), 歌川国芳, Son of a silk dyer, he was born in 1797 under the name of Yoshizo. In his youth, he probably assisted his father, providing the designs for the pieces to be dyed, and thus naturally oriented himself towards the world of art. He was accepted as a pupil by Toyokuni Utagawa in 1814. Later, he founded his his own school and his drawings became popular. Famous for his prints of actors and animals (especially cats that he adored), he owes his inspiration above all to legends, to the fantastic, poetic and warrior universe of which we find a strong influence in his work. He is the author of 10,000 prints and several series. The great earthquake of 1855, after which, returning home late, he was given for dead by his family and the members of his workshop, marks the end of his great period. Suffering from illness and depression, he now produces little. He died in Edo in 1861.

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signatureKuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1861), 歌 川 国 芳
publisherIzumi-ya Ichibei
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