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A quiver in black and gold lacquer with a samurai clan symbol and three bamboo arrows to practice kyudo.

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This quiver is a yamato utsubo, it is made of wood covered with black and gold lacquer representing the symbol of a samurai clan. It has a leather band at the center and a removable opening for easy access to the arrows. The arrowheads are down to see the tips and choose according to the types of arrows that we want to use The symbol represents a citrus tachibana which is a species of Japanese mandarin surrounded by a circle, this "kamon" is one of clan li .


Representation: tachibana or daidai is a fruit that marks the passage of time, it is present as an offering during the celebration of the new year. daidai can be translated "from generation to generation". It is said that because of its sweet and lemony scent, it plunges people into pleasant memories. So its symbol taken up by a samurai clan takes on its full meaning, an eternal lineage that perpetuates its memory.

The clan li: The first lord of the clan Li is li naomasa (井 伊 直 政) 1561-1602, he was a general of Ieyasu Tokugawa when he died of these wounds during the battle of Sekigahara it is quite natural that these sons continued from serving the Tokugawa. The clan li lived for generations in Hikone in the present-day Shiga region. Their castle is considered as one of the most beautiful in Japan that has never been destroyed. They wore red armor characteristic of the clan. There is a story of bewitching by a cat, of one of the family daimyos li and this story is famous in the city of Hikone and is embodied by the local mascot Hikonia.


width11 cm
depth6, 8 et 13 cm
length97 cm
materialsbois, cuir et laque .
eraedo period 1603-1867

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