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An iron tsuba with cherry blossom design and sign by  tadatsugu 忠次.

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this tsuba was created by tadatsugu (1675-1725) , he was a tsuba maker from  Umetada school .His art was characterize by openwork in negative on steel sheet  which represente floral ornement  or design of japanese clan samuraï    .

Technic  : This  tsuba is a double representation of the cherry blossom in negative openwork (kagesukeshi ).

Representation  : The Japanese cherry is considered as  "the king of flowers"with  his short time of  flowering and its immaculate whiteness of these flowers, it became the symbol of the samurai caste. The samurai is always ready to give his life to his master and the white color symbolizes the purity of the soul and death in Japan.

The fact of being double is perhaps to recall the mutual sacrifice of the man and the woman of the samurai caste whose often their destiny is linked or a samurai homosexual love.

This tsuba will be sold with a magnolia box.

height6.4 cm
width6.4 cm
depth0.5 cm
weight85,21 g
materialstetsu (iron)
signature忠次 tadatsugu
tsuba shaperound
Province d'origineyamahiro

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