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tsuba under the rain



An iron tsuba representing individuals in the rain without signature.

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A tsuba iron for katana without signature.

Technic : Chisels with low ( takaniku bori ) and high relief (usuniku bori ) , embossed inlay (takanikubori ) in silver on the monk and copper for the peasants or plants on the back of the tsuba. Pebbles or flowers on the ground must be gold gilding.

Representation  : In this tsuba, we can see two menone wearing a hat like the Zen monk and doing ablutions near a tree and the other who must be of the peasant caste running under the rainWe can see two states of mind in relation to the rain that can make remember a maxim of the Hagakure (葉隠) written by yamamoto tsunemoto (山本 常朝) which is it  :

"There is a lot to learn from the rain. A man, when he is surprised by a sudden downpour, starts to run, so suddenly, to avoid getting wet. Yet, all things considered, as it is inevitable to be wet by the rain, as much keep calm and continue on your way, the spirit in peace, since in any case you will end soaked to the bone. This life lesson applies to everything." first volume  .

This tsuba will be sold with a magnolia box .

width6,1 cm
depth0,3 cm
weight82,4 g
length6,6 cm
materialsIron , gold , silver and copper
eraedo period 1603-1867

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