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tsuba with Kinko (琴高) and his giant carp.



A sentoku tsuba with a signature of  Yoshimitsu Nomura (野村吉光representative Kinko (琴高)with his giant carp  .

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This tsuba is in sentoku (variety of yellowish brass) it is perfect for a katana and it bears the inscription of yoshimitsu nomura (野村吉光).Yoshimitsu's name is believed to have lived in Akita in the province of Dewa between(1700-1750) .

Technic : the tecnics used its openwork in negatif(sukashi ) , chisel round bump (marubori) for Kinko , high relief carving ( takaniku bori ),  relief inlay (takanikubori zogan ) in yamagane (cuivre sombre ) on Kinko and his pants or his "uchiwa", war fan  in shakudo (gold and copper ) .

Representation : On this tsuba, you can see a man with a beard and a little Chinese hat and he rides a carp on the oceans. It's  kinko (琴高) ,it is a Chinese hermit who is very skilled at the lute . He lived near a river called takusui, he spent most of his life (about two hundred years) painting fish. One day when he bathed, the King of Fish came to meet him and wanted to take him with him to the "river world" for a short timeHe accepted, and informed his disciples that he was gone for a few days . After a month, He comes back on the back of a giant carp, this event was observed by more than 10000 people and these disciple who had waited for his return by practicing rituals of purifications. He forced these disciples to never kill any more fish and then plunged into the river to disappear forever.

Kinko is a sennin  (仙人) , this is the generic name for calling an immortal who has attained this state through meditation, asceticism and following the Taoist teachings, which allowed him to develop wonderful magical powers . Kinko would be related to fish and sea and rivers.

This tsuba will be sold with a magnolia box.

width6,4 cm
depth0,3 cm
weight96,29 g
materialssentoku ( variety of brass mainly composed of copper)
eraedo period 1603-1867
signature野村吉光 yoshimitsu nomura
Province d'originedewa

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