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An iron tsuba with butterflies without signature.

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158,33 €

This iron tsuba for wakizashi or katana from the Edo period with swirling butterflies.

Technic : Low relief chisel (usuniku bori ) , gold gilding on antennas or eyes of butterflies and inlays in relief copper (takanikubori zogan ) leaves or rock where a leaf has settled .

Representation  : Two butterflies that are oppositeThey are important symbols at weddings, Mecho (the female butterfly) and Ocho (the male), they are the symbol of a happy marriage. They are the symbol of young love. Maybe in this tsuba, it is the symbol of the impossible love between two young love because once put on the katana, the butterflies is found on the opposite side.

This tsuba will be sold in a box of magnolia.

width7,55 cm
depth0,3 cm
weight145,96 g
length7,6 cm
materialstetsu (iron)
eraedo period 1603-1867

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