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Japanese short saber or wakizashi signed Sukesada 祐 定 with a shirasaya (wooden sheath).

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It s a short blade a wakiazshi .

It bears the signature of  sukesada 祐定 who is part of a long line of blacksmiths from the province of Bizen .The signature is too short to identify a particular blacksmith but the style of this sword is faithful to the tradition of this school

  • Its kissaki is a medium type and its  boshi is a ko-maru  :

                             kisaki ko-maru.jpg                              

  • Its hada is a itame :


  • Its hamon is a gunone regular and nioi :

                        gunome - vague régullière.jpg

  • Its mune is a   hikushi :


  • Its yasurime is a katte-sagari and the shape of this tang is  hagari kurijiri :


                              yasurime slightly slan(ing leftward.jpg              

  • Habaki is in silver  .
  • the shinto osafune school , it s following the  bizen school from kamakura period but during the beginning of the Edo period, a flood has damaged the forges and it goes out of fashion until the shinshinto era at the end of Edo . All blacksmiths are called sukesada and have a longer signature to recognize them.
  • Its in a  shirasaya with a protective silk fabric .
  • Polishing is good with a few small drops of rust  in sashikomi style .
weight466 g (lame) 716g (shirasaya)
length total79 cm
eraedo period 1603-1867
yakibagunome regular waves
schoolosafune shinto
longueur de la lame54 cm
Province d'originebizen

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