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Japanese bow type nurigome  covered with lacquer with a signature.

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This Japanese bow is entirely covered with brown lacquer which covers rattan lines, it is of type namisun (219 cm), it is very powerful (a beautiful sound of rope) and majesticIt may have been used for rites .There is a part of the paint which is damaged (visible on the photos).

Its manufacture must of type  gohonhigo :


His signature is: 伊東植成 ito taneshige followed by a kakikan (artist's signature

Its shape is correct and it's an bow nurigome (塗篭籐) :

                                                                                                         fomer correct.jpg

Accessory associated with this bow:  

  •   a rope for a namisun bow in carbon and hemp   
  •  a yumaki (fabric that covers the bow with Japanese motifs) and an ishizuki (a deer leather protection to protect one end with Japanese motifs).    
  •  an arrow .

The bows are kept away from direct sunlight in a dry place to prevent them from being altered. A correct curvature is considered as a usable bow for the practice of kyudo. If you want more information on going to see our section archery.

weight707 g
length total219,8 cm
materialsbamboo , waxwood , red laquer , rattan .
power21 kilo

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