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An ancient japanese bow lacquer without signature

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This bow is from the Edo period in lacquer for use in war or for hunting by samurai caste.This bow is a namisun (217 cm ) , it presents some cracking of the lacquer due to its antiquity.

It must be of type  gohonhigo :


This bow is covered with red and black lacquer.

The shape is weak due to the age of this bow and is a nishoto (二所籐)                                                                                  

Accessory associated with this bow :

  • a rope for a namisun bow in carbon and hemp.
  • a yumaki (fabric that covers the bow with Japanese motifs) and an ishizuki (a deer leather protection to protect one end with Japanese motifs) .
  • an arrow .

The bows are kept away from direct sunlight in a dry place to prevent them from being altered. A correct curvature is considered as a usable bow for the practice of kyudo. If you want more information on going to see our section archery.

weight774 g
length217 cm
materialsbamboo , black and red lacquer
eraedo period 1603-1867
powernon déterminé

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